Market Your Book

“If you want to produce a bestseller, you have to spend 25% of your time writing, 25% thinking and the rest in promoting yourself”

If you want to market your book you must:

  • Reach the target audience
  • Tell them your book is available
  • Persuade them to read it

Your book is finally published. Wouldn’t you now like to reap the benefits from all the time and hard effort that you have invested in writing it? No book sells by itself. If you want people to know that the book exists you have to tell them. Friends and family are a good start, but how do you inform the wider public?

Successful promotion takes time and effort. Book publicists charge a fortune and traditional advertising campaigns are extortionate, so we have come up with an alternative solution. We have produced three post-publication promotion packages to help you to market your book and drive customers to buy it.

Let Perfect Publishers Marketing Services act as your personal marketing firm contributing focused attention to your publicity needs. We offer three levels of marketing packages which are inclusive of postage and packaging.

Post-Publication Marketing Packages
These promotional packages are open to anyone. If you have not published with us, the promotional packages can still be purchased at these highly competitive prices.

Promotional Package 1
Promotional Package 2
Promotional Package 3
Promotional Package 4