Standard Perfect Service

SPS – £1000
“By no means just standard”

The author provides the fully edited proofread manuscript (design, layout and editing/proofreading), which is then formatted by us for printing. The cover design will be provided by the author. The condition of the document you submit will be exactly that which is printed by us and supplied to you on completion.

The author provides the fully edited manuscript such as the design, layout, editing and proofreading. The manuscript is then formatted by us to the correct specification for printing. The Author will receive a sample copy of his/her work to check for printing errors before the book is released for retail sale.

The author will supply a high-quality design for your cover. We will have to scan this, or it can be given to us scanned at a print quality of at least 600 dpi. When designing the cover, please remember that the dimensions must conform exactly to the chosen trim size of the book and must be fitted to the appropriate template that we will supply to you. We will advise you on this.

The standard service fee does not include any design, layout, formatting, consultancy or editing/proofreading services, so please remember that the design and condition of the document you submit will be exactly that which is printed and supplied to you after we have formatted it for final printing. However, authors who require only editorial, proof reading or a cover design can of course purchase these facilities separately. Please contact us for details. A book that needs editing but not a fully designed cover (or vice-versa) will be £1100.

The SPS includes trade paperback/hardback and e-book formatting of your manuscript, ISBN numbers and bar codes and 25 copies sent to you as part of the service. You will receive one year of hosting on our printer’s database. This will be renewed on an annual basis on your request. We will submit your book to the Copyrights Agency and Legal Deposit Libraries. We also offer you your completed book on a CD when the book is sent to print, so that you have a copy before you receive your proof copy.

We recommend you also purchase Promotional Package 1 so that you and your book cover will have your own website. The best way to sell your book is by having an online presence. Your personal URL will look like this: