Print & Shipping

A proof copy of the completed book will be sent to the author at the end of the production process. After you have approved this, we will send you your 25 copies. You do not have to buy any copies of your book, or you can buy as many as you like. Once your book is published and fully available, we can fulfil an order of any size within 5 days. Postage and packaging is not included in the discounted price – authors must pay this separately. Please refer to volume discounts.

We are not able to quote precise delivery prices without knowing the number of copies required, the weight of the book, and its destination, for any given consignment. However, we do guarantee that delivery charges will be passed on to the author at the same cost as charged to us. Delivery charges have been dropping over the years and the printers’ delivery charges are in our judgement reasonable if not inexpensive. Shipping usually takes place within 2 to 8 business days of the order being placed and paid for.