Enhanced Perfect Service

EPS – £1250
“Our best service”

We take an author’s manuscript and submit it for our full editorial facilities. Your book will be fully edited by us, which involves all the custom cover design, layout, editing/proofreading, formatting and completion to your satisfaction.

Our editor/proofreaders and book designers are highly skilled and well respected and will maintain one-to-one contact with the author throughout the preparation of a book. This way you are always appraised of your book’s preparation, which YOU control.

Initially we will obtain an overview of your manuscript to establish the most suitable way to complement your particular style of writing. The editorial process involves carrying out thorough checks on your work. Depending on the manuscript’s needs, these can include checks on grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, factual information and potential libel or copyright issues. Our editorial service can include checks/corrections on:

Introduction Defining Language Spelling and Grammar
Style Guides Consistency Simplicity
Quotations Paragraphing Formatting
Book Size Margins Number of Pages

Our editing will not include changes to the flow, structure or resolution of plot/storyline. When the manuscript is edited, it can involve many amendments. For this reason, whenever an edit is requested, a proofread is also carried out to ensure that any errors are found.

The electronic file for your book is then formatted so that it resembles a finished book, complete with title pages and, if required, running heads and a contents’ list. At this stage, this is your chance to check the proofs carefully. You are allowed 2 edits. You are given 7 days to submit any changes or corrections. The faster you return your proof form, the faster your book will be completed. Please note that we cannot accept large insertions of new text at this stage without incurring an extra charge.

This normally suits academic and some non-fiction texts, though it can also be used for any type of fiction book that has names for each of the chapters. Sometimes poetry books often contain a comprehensive contents list so that the reader can return to his or her favourite poems easily. If you have any specific requirements regarding a content list, please let us know at the beginning of the publication process.

Writing the description on the back cover is an important part of any book’s production. It is the advertisement that sells the book to bookshops and reviewers, as well as potential readers, and can also convey a lasting impression about the author and the book. This should be around 100-200 words and should be concise and instructive without giving too much away. We will be able to advise you on what is required to best persuade potential readers to buy your book with an eye-catching description.

We custom design ALL our book covers with the author who will have one-to-one contact with the cover designer. The outcome of this will be the creation of a high-quality, four-colour cover, custom-designed for your book reflecting its style and conveying a unique message complementing the book’s content. Our cover designers will produce stunning images for your cover. The print quality will be of at least 600 dpi. When designing the cover, the dimensions will conform exactly to the chosen trim size of the book. We recommend you also purchase Promotional Package 1 so that you and your book cover will have your own website. The best way to sell your book is by having an online presence. Your personal URL will look like this:

The EPS includes trade paperback/hardback and e-book formatting of your manuscript, ISBN numbers and bar codes and 25 copies sent to you as part of the service. You will receive one year of hosting on our printer’s database. This will be renewed on an annual basis on your request. We will submit your book to the Copyrights Agency and Legal Deposit Libraries. We also offer you your completed book on a CD when the book is sent to print, so that you have a copy before you receive your proof copy.