Ghost Writing Service

“A writer who writes for you”

Simply, a ghost writer is a writer who writes for you. You are still the author and bear full responsibility for the content and quality of your book, but our ghost writer writes the book from the first chapter to the last. A perfect ghost writer writes as you would write if you had the time to do so, with your personality and interests showing through.

Your “Perfect Ghost”. Our Ghost Writing service will:

  • Listen carefully to you
  • Understand the input you provide
  • Write with clarity and purpose
  • Carry out secondary research if required to fill in information gaps
  • Be curious about everything related to your book
  • Write the book topic by topic or chapter by chapter
  • Can be trusted with confidential information
  • Meet appointments and deadlines
  • Deliver accuracy and authenticity

Once the book is written, we can move seamlessly into the Perfect Service to publish your book. Authors who take up this service will be offered 10% discount on the Standard or Enhanced Perfect Services to publish their book. The ghost-writing project will be a minimum of 8 weeks. A deposit is required before commencing work of £500 and the rest is due on completion with payment to be made within 14 days.

We can do rewrites. Contact us for further information and quotes.