Critiquing Service

CS – £400
“Proofreading, editing and rewrites…”

Proofreading is a comparison of a document with the original document for its validity and accuracy. Proofreaders simply check the mechanics of a document, i.e. punctuation, grammar and spelling.

Editing requires a more in-depth review in addition to proofing and will review everything about your document, from mechanics to clarity, tone, style, consistency, overall quality and more. A substantial edit involves a comprehensive review of the work through line by line editing of the manuscript, addressing in particular issues of style, such as: spacing, sentence and paragraph structure, transitions, word choice and tone, as well as spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalisation, word choice, vocabulary, syntax etc. Above all, it involves arrangement of your material so that it reads clearly and logically. It will also offer suggestions for improvement of clarity, style and flow of your writing.

Rewrites are just what they say – a complete rewrite.

Many people do not know the difference between editing and proofreading and so ask for a proofread when they mean an edit.

A critiquing service would be like so:

The client would receive a bound report of approx 20 – 25 pages in length, which will pull out specific examples from the writing, with explanations as to exactly what the editor means. After all it is no good receiving back a report that tells you what you need to do, but not how you need to do it!

The report will cover each of the areas listed below:

  • a chapter by chapter breakdown
  • an overview of the plot including structure – where relevant the editor will include timelines
  • characterisation focusing on strengths and weaknesses
  • writing style, tone and structure and the development of voice
  • publishability/marketability and target readership

Please note this service does not concentrate on the grammatical structure of the work. It is not an edit; the work will still need to be edited and then proofread. We can also offer to have a synopsis written for you, if required.