Volume Discount

We offer all our authors significant discounts on quantity book purchases. Authors can buy copies of their book at print cost plus 20% and shipping. All volume discount orders must be prepaid. Author purchases are royalty exclusive and non-returnable. This mean that you can earn more money per book when you resell your books privately. This can represent a significant earning potential for you.

Typically if a standard book size is 5 x 8 (paperback) with 254 pages, the net publishing cost could be £3.24* (1p per page and 70p for the cover- 254 + 70 = 324). A book sized 7 x 10 will cost 1.5p per page and £1.00 per cover. Case laminate and dustjacketed covers cost £4.00 per cover.

Approximate cover prices for Perfect Publishers books
Also, print-on-demand books tend to have a slightly higher cover price. This is because most books you see sold in bookshops are printed by the traditional lithographic method, where greater numbers are printed in one go, which gives cheaper printing costs per book and therefore a cheaper cover price. See the chart below for an approximate paperback cover price which we would assign for a print-on-demand book. Please remember this is only a rough guide. The minimum cover price must be £7.99. Hardbacks will cost an extra £5 more than the paperback retail price.

Number of pages Cover price sterling (£)
76-250 £7.99
251-290 £8.99
291-330 £9.99
331-370 £10.99
371-409 £11.99
410-450 £12.99
451-489 £13.99
490-530 £14.99
531-570 £15.99
571-610 £16.99
611-649 £17.99
650-690 £18.99
691-740 £19.99