Additional Costs

“Nothing hidden”

We try to think of ALL the costs that are additional to the standard book publishing services that you may incur. We do not knowingly add on any charges. This is why we have listed transparently any further costs that may be incurred by the author.

  • You will pay extra if you wish to have illustrations in your book. Please go to Illustration Service.

  • If you have black and white photographs or illustrations, there is no extra charge if they are embedded in the file. If not, there will be a £10.00 charge for each photograph or illustration. Please go to Preparing your Manuscript.

  • You will have to pay Shipping costs. Please go to Shipping costs.

  • If you want alterations to a published book then the basic reformatting and reloading fees are £130.00 including VAT and £100 including VAT for the cover. We do not recommend alterations to a published book unless they are absolutely necessary.

  • For volume discounts when you order a quantity of books which is less than 100 books you will be expected to pay 20% add-on charge for administration/service costs per order and a 25% add-on charge for administration/service costs per order for orders over 100 books. Please note these charges do not affect your royalties in any way. We take no royalties.

  • You will have to pay extra for Index creation. This is very time-consuming and relatively expensive to accomplish. You need to decide whether your book will really benefit from one and if so, what type of index would best direct the reader to the relevant facts within your work.