Promotional Package 3

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Promotional Package 3
250 postcards

A4 214x301mm (P4)
A5 152x214mm (P5)
A6 109x152mm (P6)

We will produce personalised postcards for you to distribute. All of these will include an image of your book cover, a synopsis of the book, a reader testimonial (if you have one), contact details and details on where to purchase a copy. The different choices are listed below. Some samples of postcards are shown below. Sample postcards are available on request.

You can purchase any number of options F1, P4, P5 and P6. Please remember that the more you buy the more cost effective it is for you. We suggest that you purchase P5 and one of the other postcard options of your choice. 250 A3 (301 x 424mm), A2 (424 x 598mm) size posters and 500 A6 (109 x 152mm) and A5 (152 x 214mm) heavy flyers are also available on request.

postcard1 postcard3 postcard2