Promotional Package 2

  1. Copies of book required to send to newspapers, magazines, radio stations, etc.
  2. Build a mailing list of contacts (client will need to provide some details for this).
  3. Design eye-catching flyer and mailshot (including order form) to send to mailing list a month or so ahead of publication date. A flyer can also be displayed on work notice boards, school and nursery notice boards, local shop windows, libraries, book stores, care homes, social services departments, hospitals etc. Flyers can then be ordered separately in our PP3.
  4. Arrange for flyer to go inside mailings of suitable societies & organisations.
  5. Design a prospectus to include book blurb, book description, table of contents, number of pages, size, about the author – this needs to be sent a month ahead of publication to mailing list.
  6. Write press releases to send to local newspapers and magazines. Include head & shoulders photo, personal details (eg. background, where live, married etc), phone number, email, availability for interviews etc.
  7. Send book to selected few from mailing list to obtain reviews.
  8. Produce a marketing pack to send to local radio and TV stations, local papers, magazines, bookshops (small & large chains), wholesalers, government departments (health, social welfare etc), libraries, and university libraries.
  9. Arrange local radio & TV appearances.
  10. Contact book stores to ask about possibility of stocking book – contact WH Smiths, Waterstones, Ottakers, Hammicks, Methvens, etc. Ask about the possibility of a book signing.
  11. Design a large, colourful poster to give to book stores to publicise book.
  12. Arrange book signings – have book signing with a difference – team up with other writers, poets and entertainers to present an event at which the book is sold. Advertise the signings in local paper with an offer of £2 off if advert presented at time of purchase.
  13. Arrange talks/lectures at Women’s Institutes, WRVS, Townswomen’s Guilds, Rotary Clubs, Lions, writing circles, libraries, town halls etc.
  14. Organise a ‘Launch Party’ on day of publication. Invite all from mailing list, local newspapers, local radio, local book stores, schools/colleges, community organisations, local council members, local societies, friends, family, work colleagues etc.
  15. Make book available as downloadable digital file (ebook). Arrange reciprocal links with other websites.
  16. Seek out appropriate message boards and forums and regularly post details of book.
  17. Compile a list of suitable writing websites and ask for book reviews.
  18. Think of suitable person to endorse the book – it could be a local celebrity, politician, businessman etc. This needs to go on the back of the book (this may already be done).

Each step of the marketing package will range from 2 hour sessions through to 16 hours. The client can build a marketing package using as many or as few steps as necessary.

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