Publishing Timeline
Below is the Publishing Timeline that you can expect your book to follow after you have agreed for Perfect Publishers to publish your book:

A. Manuscript Submission Verification
Your manuscript will be verified to make sure that it is long enough and in the correct format for Perfect Publishers to produce. Submissions that are going through editorial review (EPS) should allow additional time for the review process.

B. Cover and Book Design
You can expect the cover and book proofs to be completed within 6 weeks from the time your book enters production.

C. Illustrations
You can expect any illustrations to be prepared within 6 weeks from the time your book enters production.

D. Author Proof
This is your chance to check the proofs. You are allowed 2 edits which is fair. You are given 7 days to submit any changes or corrections. The faster you return your proof form, the faster your book will be completed. Please note that we cannot accept large insertions of new text at this stage without incurring an extra charge.

Your book will be assigned its individual number.

F. Delivery
Dispatch of Paperback (10 weeks) or Hardback (12 weeks) to the Authors designated delivery address. Our printers will not deliver to a PO address.

G. Copyrights Agency & Legal Deposit Library
Perfect Publishers will deposit one copy of every published work with each of the Legal Deposit Libraries and submit your book to the Copyrights Agency within one month of publication of your book.