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Perfect Publishers is an award-winning print on demand book publishing company based in the United Kingdom that gives you ALL the necessary tools you need to publish your book quickly and affordably with relative ease. We are a print on demand book publisher based in the UK that was created specifically by successful authors for authors. This is why we understand the many requirements needed to get your book published.

We offer no nonsense publishing services tailored to your specific requirements and those demanded by the publishing industry. Our highly skilled team are able to help you every step of the way in order to ensure a perfect and successful publication process whatever your needs. We can publicise and market your book, and print copies of your book for sale online and in bookstores. We pay you 100% royalties. As authors ourselves we passionately believe that ALL royalties should be that of the author.

Not only do we publish new material, but if you already have a published book that you’d like to reprint, we are the perfect publisher for you! Our publishing section describes in detail our book publishing services with the necessary information you need to know. or click on the icons below.

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Our 4 terrific packages include trade paperback and hardback, e-book formatting of your manuscript, ISBN numbers and bar codes and 25 copies sent to you as part of the service. You will receive one year of hosting on our printer’s database. This will be renewed on an annual basis on your request. We will submit your book to the Copyrights Agency and Legal Deposit Libraries. The author retains ALL rights to their book. You can then purchase further copies of your book at print cost plus 20% per order and shipping. An amazing offer! This way we can offer your book with ALL ROYALTIES. We take NO royalty payments from you. This is the most competitive offer in the publishing industry.

We also offer another 5 additional services:

Critiquing Service   Ghost Writing Service   E-Book Service   Proofreading Service   Web Service

Publishing through Perfect Publishers will not only make your book available as a print on demand product in the UK. Your book will be available at every major internet bookshop in the UK and abroad and potentially available in 50,000 retail bookstores throughout the world.

We strongly support the National Autistic Society (NAS) and Marfan Association UK. Many authors who write books on autism donate their proceeds to the NAS or other notable charitable organisations. For more information on the NAS, click here and for more information on The Marfan Association UK, please click here.